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Care instructions for sports products

Care instructions for sports products

  • After each wearing, wash by hand or in a washing bag in the washing machine (gentle cycle) at no more than 40 °C
  • We recommend using SIGVARIS WASHING SOLUTION mild detergent (do not use add fabric softener!)
  • Please do not dry the product in a dryer due to overheating and electrostatic charge. Squeeze out the compression fabrics between two dry towels and lay them to dry in a shady and airy location. Do not place on a heater.
  • Do not dry-clean. Do not use chemicals
  • Do not iron

Distribute the material evenly over the foot, calf and thigh area. They must be worn without any wrinkles.

Important: The sock length is produced in the optimal size for every height. The knitted fabric must be evenly distributed over the entire leg area and ends one finger width beneath the hollow of the knee. The band may not be turned down since this can prevent blood flow and decrease the effect.

Make sure that the stitch rows run vertically.

SIGVARIS gloves are not mandatory for the athletic products.

Do not use in the case of:

  • certain forms of arterial circulatory disorders such as serious arterial occlusive disease
  • oozing, infectious dermatosis in need of treatment
  • known intolerance of the material