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The original
  • TRADITIONAL Verpackung

When a high degree of safety and effectiveness is required.

  • Maximum pressure stability throughout the day
  • Excellent strength-stretch ratio
  • Great medical benefits for safe and successful treatment
  • High wearing comfort thanks to special elasticity and good air permeability
  • With refined natural rubber

When it comes down to high medical efficacy, TRADITIONAL is the reliable classic. Day after day, this product gives your legs a secure feeling, ensuring top-quality medical compression. As TRADITIONAL stockings are particularly elastic and breathable, they are extremely comfortable to wear. The neutral skin colour matches all clothing and combines perfectly with delicate stockings.

Material composition:
70% polyamide
30% elastodine (natural rubber)

Natural rubber:
Technically refined natural rubber makes TRADITIONAL stockings strong in every respect.
The unique strength-stretch properties and maximum pressure stability guarantee the effective treatment of severe venous diseases throughout the day and offer a safe method of therapy.

Compression Level iCCL 1 (18 - 21 mmHg), CCL 2 (23 - 32 mmHg), CCL 3 (34 - 46 mmHg), CCL 4 (≥49 mmHg) 
CCL 2, CCL 3, CCL 4
Available for 
Men, Women
Available colours 


Please follow our instructions

How to put on and remove compression stockings.


Ankle-high sock


Calf stocking


Half-thigh stocking


Thigh stocking



with waist attachment



Pantyhose for men


Pantyhose Maternity




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