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TRAVENO support stockings are your perfect traveling companion. They significantly lower the risk of thrombosis and reduce swelling in both the ankles and the legs. They are the best investment for healthy legs and a ‘must’ for every trip.




75 %

With TRAVENO, leg swelling on long distance flights is reduced by 75%*

* Source: Cesarone et al. The LONFLIT4-Concorde-Sigvaris Traveno Stockings in Long Flights (EcoTraS) Study. A Randomized Trial. Angiology 2003; 54/ 1: 1-9.

TRAVENO support stockings reduce the risk of thrombosis


The advantages of TRAVENO support stockings

All roads may lead to Rome but there is only one way to ensure healthy legs when traveling. TRAVENO support stockings greatly reduce the risk of thrombosis.

Thrombosis may occur when movement is reduced, and intake of liquids is lowered, which tends to happen on long journeys. These conditions cause blood to thicken, invited a clot to develop. A clot can inhibit blood flow and, in worst cases, stop blood supply to the lungs. This could result in pulmonary embolism. Possible indications of thrombosis are overheated or painful legs as thrombosis is prone to occur in the lower veins of the legs.

TRAVENO support stockings help keep legs and ankles in shape by preventing water retention and blood thickening.

SIGVARIS has tested the effectiveness of TRAVENO: 12 out of 116 people who traveled without support stockings developed thrombosis following a long flight. In another group of 115 people who all wore support stockings for their flight, none suffered from thrombosis.

This shows that support stockings are a good investment in a person’s health as they are proven to help to prevent thrombosis.

The gentle pressure of TRAVENO support stockings promotes optimal blood circulation. They prevent swelling, are breathable, and easy to clean. TRAVENO support stockings come in four colors and six sizes and are available for both women and men. TRAVENO’s innovated knitted fabric prevents odors, ensuring a pleasant feeling, and optimal comfort.

Using TRAVENO means you are doing your health a favor, whether on a plane, in a car, or on a train.

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Tips for long trips

Support stockings are not the only preventive measure against thrombosis, but they help to greatly reduce the risk. There is a lot more you can do for optimal prevention: you should regularly move around when on a long flight. That could be walking up and down the plane aisles or rotating your feet every 15 minutes. For the latter, you don’t even have to stand.

Another very important point: drink enough liquids. This is not only necessary for circulation, it also helps keep your airways moist in this dry environment.

Drinking plenty of liquids will not only help blood flow, but also assist with body excretion. The consequent need to use the restroom also leads to more movement. Ideally, you would then choose to use the restroom furthest away from your seat.

An important tip to remember: water is best. Alcohol should not be consumed during a long flight. Equally important: comfortable clothing that does not constrict -- blood must be able to flow freely.

Sleeping medication is often taken on long flights, but should be avoided. It’s important to move around every so often in the prevention of thrombosis.

Using TRAVENO reduces the risk of thrombosis for all types of travel. Do your health a favor.

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Tips for at home

If you have a family history of problems with veins or thrombosis, you should begin to take steps to prevent thrombosis well before you start your holiday trip. Doctors recommend plenty of movement in all forms during your daily activities, even if it is just lying on the floor and cycling in the air. Always walk barefoot when possible, as this helps with venous blood flow.

And after sports? Shower! To prevent thrombosis, mixed cold/warm showers are ideal, followed by a cold shower for your calves. This ritual promotes circulation and has the additional effect of leaving you feeling refreshed.

The list of tips can be expanded as required, but essentially the same rules apply as those for travel: wear comfortable, loose clothing, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid alcohol. It’s also important to manage your weight. A healthy weight will help take the strain off your legs.

And the reason for all steps: blood is fuel for the body. Venous blood flows back into the heart and from there once again into the limbs. Whoever takes chances with this is putting their health at risk.

Using TRAVENO means you are doing your health a favor, whether on a plane, in a car, or on a train.

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Tips for long trips


passengers without compression developed venous thrombosis *

*Source: Scurr et al. Frequency and prevention of symptomless deep-vein thrombosis in long-haul flights: a randomised trial. THE LANCET, Vol. 357: 1485-1489, May 12, 2001.

Tips for healthy legs


Wear TRAVENO travel stockings. There is nothing better for your health – whether you are travelling by car, coach, train or plane.


Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.


Take a short walk every two hours, be it on the plane or train or at a service station.


Stretch out your legs and flex your feet. Regular movement is important.


Do not cross your legs as this reduces blood flow.


Wear comfortable clothing that is not tight or restrictive.

Thanks to their innovative knitted fabric, TRAVENO stockings prevent odors and ensure optimum comfort and fresh-feeling legs while on the move.

For healthy legs when traveling

  • Intensive graduated support
  • Reduces swelling
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for long journeys

Travel safely with TRAVENO

Every time you sit for a long period of time without moving your legs, the risk of travel thrombosis increases – whether you're traveling by air, car, or train. Swelling and painful legs are possible symptoms. TRAVENO promotes circulation in your legs by applying gentle pressure. A scientific study has proven that SIGVARIS TRAVENO provides considerable health benefits.

Material composition

  • 89% Polyamid (Q-skin)
  • 11% Elasthan (Lycra)

Available for Men, women

Range : Knee-high stockings

Sizes :
Sizes Available in 6 sizes, shoe sizes 36-47

1 36-37

2 38-39

3 40-41

4 42-43

5 44-45

6 46-47



Instructions for care of support stockings
Please follow our instructions for care.