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New Seminar Season

New Seminar Season

Fri, 2019/02/08
New Educational Seminars

New Seminar Season

SIGVARIS announces the launch of the new seminar season! We will be hosting educational seminars across 19 different locations this year!

During the seminars you will:

  • Learn how to measure and fit SIGVARIS graduated compression stockings and socks
  • ​Understand the importance of matching the correct product for each patient
  • Be able to speak to patients and healthcare providers with confidence
  • Know how to discuss and explain the venous system and why compression is the solution
  • Recognize the correct level of compression  to effectively treat chronic venous disorders
  • Acquire tips for selling SIGVARIS graduated compression products to increase profits

All seminar registrations are now open. Pick your location and we’ll be honored to see you there.

To see our calendar of events, please click here: