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Innovation meets Tradition

SIGVARIS Ulcer X - Medical compression stocking with cotton understocking

An innovative and patented thin understocking combined with the proven and highly successful original: SIGVARIS ULCER X. The SIGVARIS ULCER X kit consists of a new patented3 understocking plus the calf-length version of the legendary SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL compression class 2 (“503”) compression stocking, which is being mentioned in numerous clinical studies as product of choice.

3 Europäisches Patent EP 1613 256 B1

SIGVARIS UlcerX Benefits

  • Ease of application promotes compliance as compared to bandaging, which requires medical expertise for application
  • Successful treatment without compromising wound dressing
  • Significantly reduced pain lets the patient rest comfortably.

Scientifically proven results

According to the study "The treatment of venous leg ulcers with a specially designed compression stocking kit" by F. Mariani et al. Phlebologie 2008; 37, 191-197, September 2008, UlcerX Kit therapy solution is the proven superior treatment choice for the successful healing of venous ulcers:

  • Complete wound closure achievement: 96,2% with UlcerX kit as compared to 70% with traditional bandages.
  • Ulcers with diameter of up to approximately 4cm healed twice as fast with the UlcerX Kit compared to bandages; larger ulcers (>4cm) healed as rapidly with the UlcerX Kit as with bandages.
  • Reported pain at night/morning was absent with the UlcerX Kit group, but reported respectively by 40% / 20% in the bandage group.



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