Silvia remembers very well when her family doctor diagnozed vein disorders in her and recommended that she wear medical compression stockings. "I had just turned 35 and thought that my doctor had made a bad joke

Me and such ugly thick stockings? These are more something for old women. At first I was completely offended. I like colors and am happy to wear colorful outfits, in summer you'll see me only in blouses or skirts – I thought that now I would have to give them up forever and hide myself in long pants. Until I discovered the compression stockings of Sigvaris from the Stype segment, they were my salvation. They are not only groovy but they come n several colors and they perfectly suit me and my colorful wardrobe."

The fashionable stockings from the Style segment are developed especially for the female needs, and they prove that medical compression and feminine elegance go perfectly together. The elegant appearance, the tasteful colors and the thoughtful feminine details give their wearers a stylish look and let them be on top of things in every situation.


"The Style stockings are wonderfully pleasant to wear

and the exact opposite of what people used to think of compression stockings. The pants section with the push-up effect looks fabulous. I would never have thought that I would feel so attractive in compression stockings, but the Style compression stockings deliver what the name promises. I combine them just as I like with my favorite clothes and I always feel perfectly dressed and optimally supported."

With the Style stockings of Sigvaris, women give expression to their personality and at the same time they can depend on the best compression solution in every situation. "Self-confident and individual: The stockings from the Style segment are me. They suit me, with them I make a super appearance in any outfit and my legs always have the support that they need."

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