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Life keeps changing. But there is no need to change your lifestyle.

You know your customers best. And your customers trust you to help them to feel good. Sigvaris understands that people wish to feel good - everywhere and every day. Therefore, our objective is to make it even easier for you to find the best compression solution for your customers. In a major market research survey, we asked users what they expect from our stockings and what is important to them. Based on these results, we have reorganized our product portfolio structure into three main segments. These reflect the identified customer needs. But what remains unchanged are our products. They are still the same products that you can rely on and trust. 



Different people - different needs

Live your life and be yourself. This motto guides us. It is aimed at the wearers of our compression solutions. They are our focus. Individuals with diverse medical and personal needs. People who only want one thing: to lead an active life while remaining true to their style. The new structure of the product range is geared to the needs of those people who use our products. Every person is unique and their requirements for compression solutions can change depending on their life situation. It is important for you to identify the needs of your customers in a personal conversation. On this basis, you can then look for the best possible compression solution for your customers. 

Essential for the ideologists

For them, the main thing is that their product is uncomplicated and convenient. Their segment is Essential. Comfort and reliability are the top priorities for Essential line solutions. They are the adaptable companions for every day and the optimal solution for life situations where customers are looking for something uncomplicated. They fit the female leg just as well as the male leg.

Style for the beauty queens

Fashion aspects are important to them. The focus is on attractive, stylish stockings. And they can find what they are looking for in the Style segment. The fashion aspect is the main focus in the Style segment. These products allow wearers to express the different facets of their personality. Style guarantees the right stocking for every occasion. The models are designed for an elegant, confident, and attractive appearance.

Active for the active people

Their dynamic lifestyle should also be reflected in the compression solutions. The products should be robust and provide active support. Like the products in the Active segment. Active stockings suit people who depend on special support in their dynamic lives. These solutions also provide optimal grip in active situations. The product features to ensure that the wearer feels confident and safe at any time of the day or year.

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