22 March 2017

SIGVARIS Launches Revolutionary Compression Measurement System for Inelastic Wraps Giving Patients More Precise Care

SIGVARIS is pleased to announce that patent pending ACCUTAB is now available in the market. This initial pressure measurement system provides clinicians with the ability to prescribe a compression level for inelastic wraps.

SIGVARIS Launches Revolutionary Compression Measurement System for Inelastic Wraps Giving Patients More Precise Care

MONTREAL, Canada (April 3, 2017) – SIGVARIS now offers three inelastic compression wraps that include a one-of-a-kind initial pressure measurement system. This new system not only allows clinicians to prescribe a compression level for their patients, but also allows patients to easily set the correct initial compression level as 20–30mmHg, 30–40mmHg or 40–50mmHg when they put the garment on.

“This product enhancement is going to change the market for inelastic wraps and finally give clinicians the confidence that patients will be able to accurately set their garment to the correct compression level at home,” said Scot Dubé, president and CEO for SIGVARIS North America.

“This concept is truly revolutionary for inelastic compression wraps and is creating a new standard of care for patients who use inelastic compression wraps daily,” Dubé added.

The new ACCUTABTM system (with patent pending) works exclusively with COMPREFLEX(BK), COMPREFLEX LITE and COMPREFLEX NF (no-foot option) and now comes standard with these garments. Color pressure ranges are clearly marked for ease of use and the tab can also be trimmed, so that patients can set the pressure in place by feel rather than sight, making it easy to use for patients who have a limited range of motion.

“Most inelastic brands don’t offer a way to measure compression,” said Keith Hoffman, director of operations for inelastic compression for SIGVARIS North America. “We spent a lot of time working with patients and clinicians to ensure this will be the easiest, most accurate device for measuring initial compression. Accuracy is important for better clinical outcomes, and an easy patient experience means higher rates of compliance.”

To learn more about SIGVARIS’ complete line of compression products, including inelastic compression wraps for patients with wounds, severe edema and lymphedema, please visit: www.sigvaris.ca


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