Active compression stockings - For an active life

Compression stockings from the Active segment are suitable for people who are dependent on special support in their dynamic lives. They are the ideal solution for all those who travel extensively, like to move around a lot and are therefore looking for a stocking that always guarantees optimum support. The special product properties of Active provide this security. The stockings are robust, have the best possible padding and are perfectly anatomically adapted to the shape of the foot. The compression solutions from the Active segment never let anyone down - no matter how active the life they lead.

Active compression stockings impress due to

  • High wearing comfort due to best possible padding
  • Optimal support in active situations
  • Reliability and robustness

"My compression stocking has to keep up with my active life and support me and my legs. That's why my choice is Active."

Stefan M., 47

The Active customers

Their dynamic lifestyle should also be reflected in the compression solutions. The products should be robust and provide active support. Like the products in the Active segment. Read their stories here.

Our Active Portfolio

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