Thomas (73) is a pensioner. He has two grandchildren (7 years old), and when these twins are with him things get hectic.

«Basically, I am a quiet sort of person and enjoy having a lot of time to read and spend in my garden since I retired. I usually wear compression stockings from the Essential segment at home, as they are genuine all-round stockings. Two afternoons a week, my two grandsons come to our house after school, and that's when the action starts. The twins are incredibly active and are both passionate soccer players. As I played soccer myself when I was young, I am happy to share this passion with them. Fortunately, we have a very large garden and no neighbors, so we can play undisturbed for hours. That is why I need stockings designed for that much movement, - like the stockings from the Active segment.»

Specifically designed for active situations, the compression solutions from the Active segment are particularly robust and offer extra strong support. They are padded, anatomically adapted to the shape of the leg and fit like a second skin even when moving around a lot. The pressure on the ankle further stabilizes the joints and helps to prevent injuries.


«On my grandpa afternoons, I want to be able to concentrate fully on my grandchildren and not have to worry about my legs.

To play soccer, I need compression stockings I can rely on one hundred percent and which give my legs the strong support they need. The Active stockings are just perfect here, they make me feel completely comfortable and optimally supported. They always fit properly, do not slip and do not wrinkle, no matter how much I move.»

Stockings from the Active segment offer perfect medical compression for people who lead a particularly dynamic life. «With the Active stockings I can keep up with my grandchildren, which gives me - and them - a lot of pleasure.»


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