Shoulder immobiliser support -Dessault type

ModelShoulder immobiliser support
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  • Shoulder immobiliser support -Dessault type is a reusable medical device intended to support
  • treatment and rehabilitation according to the relevant indications.
  • – acute pain syndromes in the shoulder girdle, i.e. shoulder joint dislocation and sprain, shoulder
  • instability
  • – degenerative lesions of the shoulder girdle: degenerative disease
  • – postoperative, i.e. following shoulder joint replacement surgery, shoulder arthroscopy
  • – treatment of rheumatoid lesions, i.e. arthritis
  • – when it is necessary to support and partly immobilise the upper extremity, as stabiliser, e.g. after
  • plaster cast removal
  • – following clavicle fracture
  • – pain relief in the case of shoulder tendon and ligament overload, i.e. subacromial inpingement
  • syndrome, rotator cuff injury
  • Polyamide: 50%
  • Polyurethane foam: 50%