Florida-type orthopaedic cervical collar – rigid

ModelCervical collar
Available sizes
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  • Orthopaedic cervical collar is a reusable medical product intended to support the treatment process
  • and rehabilitation as indicated.
  • – widening intervertebral spaces and restoring reduced cervical lordosis in corrective treatment
  • – the position of the head in relation to the axis spine – acute wry neck, in corrective treatment
  • – degenerative changes of the cervical spine – spondyloarthrosis
  • – in post-traumatic conditions – whiplash
  • – pain syndromes of the lumbar spine – herniated cervical disc
  • – postoperative treatment – cervical discectomy (apply to PT 0209B)
  • Polyamide: 28%
  • Polyurethane foam: 24%
  • Elastane: 24%
  • Polyetylen: 22%
  • : 2%