The flat knit product line for the lower extremities delivers what its name OPTIFORM promises, offering optimal support and wearing comfort at the same time.

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  • made from renewable raw materials
  • very good moisture wicking
  • particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin
  • OPTIFORM FLEX is, among other things, made from renewable raw materials. The intelligent yarn blend with its high modal and viscose content is even better at absorbing and wicking away moisture. By using natural fibers, OPTIFORM FLEX is particularly recommended for sensitive and delicate skin. It is also the first choice when switching from a round knitted to a flat knitted garment and for patients with lipedema or lymphedema in Stages 1and 2. OPTIFORM FLEX is available in numerous models and with different options. Special feature: with a through-knitted bodypart without additional seams in the groin, the OPTIFORM FLEX pantyhose offers the advantage of less pain sensation and reduced pressure sores in the groin area.
  • Polyamide: 30%
  • Elastane: 25%
  • Cotton: 20%
  • Modal: 19%
  • Viscose: 6%