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Protection. Effective.

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  • Protection: due to the patented liner, the wound dressing also remains fi xed in place at night and the wound is not affected adversely when used correctly - neither when donning or doffi ng
  • Effective: better healing rates in small and medium-sized ulcers compared to bandages
  • ULCER X is a compression stocking system for the treatment of ulcerated legs (ulcus cruris venosum) consisting of a liner (15 - 20 mmHG) and a cover stocking TRADITIONAL (CCL 2).
  • Compared to bandages, ULCER X is easy to put on, usually without external assistance, and comfortable to wear. The compression stocking system allows controlled reproducible
  • compression.
  • Polyamide: 62%
  • Elastane: 26%
  • Cotton: 12%

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