Compression knee-length stockings PREMIUM CCL 1

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  • Compression hosiery is a medical device used in compression therapy. The products are designed for long-term treatment and their aim is to compress and narrow vein diameter. The product is intended for use on lower limbs. Multiple-use product.
  • • functional disorders such as heaviness and fatigue in the legs, without existing varicosis (C0)s
  • • mild varices with subjective manifestations (small varicose dilatation of the cutaneous veins, reticular varices) (C1–C2)s
  • • varicosis during pregnancy, without edema (C2)s
  • • varicosis during pregnancy, with edema (C3)s
  • • edema in the evening, due to local causes (venous) (C3)s
  • • primary varicosis with edema (C3)s
  • • advanced primary varicosis with edema (stem and branch varices) (C3)s
  • • chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)s
  • – grade I* (C3)s corona phlebectatica paraplantaris
  • – grade II* (C4)s chronic edema**, eczema**, erythema**, hypodermitis**, dermatosclerosis dermite ocre, atrophie blanche
  • – grade IIIa* (C5)s healed ulcus cruris (relapse prophylaxis)
  • * According to Widmer & Marshall
  • ** After completion of basic therapy
  • • prophylaxis of thrombosis/embolism
  • • thrombophlebitis or varicothrombosis (superficial thrombosis), possibly with edema
  • • thrombophlebitis (deep-vein thrombosis)
  • • post-thrombotic edema with or without secondary follow-up therapy
  • • to maintain success of therapy:
  • a) after sclerotherapy;
  • b) after ambulant selective varicose surgery;
  • c) after stripping
  • • before sclerotherapy or before surgery to prevent edema
  • • ulcer prevention and ulcer therapy
  • • postoperative edema
  • • post-traumatic edema after completion of basic therapy
  • • reversible lymphedema after complex physical decongestant therapy
  • • irreversible lymphedema with pronounced induration after complex physical decongestant therapy
  • • lipedema grade II and higher
  • • cyclic idiopathic edema
  • • congestion caused by immobility (arthrogenic congestion syndrome, paresis and partial paresis of the extremities)
  • • angiodysplasia
  • * according to CEAP classification
  • ** Widmer & Marshall,
  • *** after primary treatment
  • Polyamide: 69%
  • Elastane: 31%