1864 - 2024: SIGVARIS GROUP has been committed to your health for 160 years

Find out how SIGVARIS GROUP has developed over 160 years across the world.

A successful family history characterised by important dates... Did you know?


Our first factory was built in Winterthur. It housed 40 looms to weave elastic ribbons.

The company expanded its product range.

Finer rubber threads, improved elastic and newly sourced fabrics were used to produce belts, socks and braces.

A rubber-based medical compression stocking is presented at an international medical congress under the brand name "Sigvaris".

It offers graduated reduced compression from the ankle to the thigh.

In order to establish ourselves faster within the market, the Group decides to build a factory in Peachtree City near Atlanta, USA.

Expansion also takes place with a new factory opening in São Paulo, Brazil.

The SIGVARIS company is renamed SIGVARIS GROUP. The name SIGVARIS GROUP represents the company worldwide and is clearly differentiated from the product brands. Sigvaris in turn becomes the product brand that encompasses our premium medical compression stockings.

Our past

People and health have always been at the centre of the SIGVARIS GROUP. On its journey from a two-person family business to an international healthcare group, the company has reinvented itself time and again. It has constantly adapted to changing trends and needs.

From 1864 to the present day, from Switzerland across the world, the sewing techniques quickly became the norm for medical compression treatments.

Your health

SIGVARIS GROUP proves every day that health and quality of life are at the centre of everything we do.

We place the well-being and expectations of patients at the centre of our mission: we offer high-quality products tailored to specific needs. Our priority is to ensure the comfort, efficiency and satisfaction of our patients.

This is why we are constantly innovating and developing products that meets the needs of the wearer.

Discover our STAR products for 160 years!


Our future

In the future, we will continue to be fully committed to do everything we can to help people feel good: our customers, our patients, our partners and our teams.

With innovative, first-class services and with the promise that we will continue to take on challenges and anticipate change with courage and determination.

Every day. All over the world. Together.

Our past. Your health. Our future.

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