Research insights

We are happy to offer you our summaries as well as the latest scientific publications by world-renowned experts in phlebology and lymphology. In this section, you can find the knowledge you need to serve your patients as best as possible.

Stemmer Medical Platform
The Stemmer Medical Platform replaces the well known, but unfortunately outdated Stemmer Library. The Stemmer Library was originally created by Dr. Robert Stemmer who was recognized as one of the most respected phlebologists of his time. The Stemmer Medical Platform is regularly updated with the latest scientific materials produced by SIGVARIS GROUP to support medical professionals in the field of phlebology and lymphology.
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Medical Online Hub MOH by SIGVARIS GROUP
Medical Online Hub MOH
Our knowledge platform for venous and lymphatic disorders and their treatment.
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Alternative invasive treatments for venous disorders
Our video collection
SIGVARIS GROUP creates medical videos with the aim of increasing the awareness of venous disorders, lymphatic disorders and compression therapy. Check out our video collection for more information.
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How to measure for compression
Our Medical One-Pagers
The SIGVARIS GROUP Medical One-Pagers (MOP) are short summaries of recent scientific publications in the field of phlebology, lymphology, and compression therapy. The MOP web pages are published in English; the publications are available for download in English as well as in German, French, Italian, and Spanish, some additionally in Polish, Chinese, Russian, or Portuguese.
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Compression levels: which one to use when
Our Compression Bulletins
The Compression Bulletin is a bi-annual magazine published by SIGVARIS GROUP. It provides a selection of reviews or summaries of the latest scientific publications in the field of phlebology, lymphology and compression therapy. It is edited by two world-renowned experts in phlebology: Prof. H. Partsch and Prof. E. Rabe. Our Compression Bulletin web articles are published in English; the Bulletins are available for download in English and German. The Compression Bulletin is a free publication. To register and receive it twice a year by email, simply enter your email address in the registration section.
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