MySigvaris: Product selection made easy

Experience our state-of-the-art product selection software: MySigvaris makes our health care professional partner's work easier and creates efficiency by unifying the entire product selection process. It offers a seamless experience from customer data management to product presentation and selection to easy transfer of the shopping cart for ordering in the Business Portal.

MySigvaris: Product selection made easy

MySigvaris is an attractive platform for customer data management, product presentation and configuration. It supports the combination of multiple products per patient as well as cross-selling.

Customers are highly satisfied, and your team can focus on their core competence.

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Version 2.2: Strong new features

Reminder for change supply (default 6 months) in list form

Quick re-order option

New option for bulk ordering

PDF export option for measuring results 

MySigvaris: Comfort and efficiency to the detail

1. Customer data management (personal & medical)

Illustration SIGVARIS GROUP LegReader Patient Data

Easy and intuitive: Customer data management (create new customer file, find existing customer, change data) is efficiently done in the MySigvaris software on your mobile device. 

Full documentation and accessibility: You benefit of the documentation of all fittings for each patient, sorted by date. The history contains all measurement results and ordered products as well as customer specific notes, needs, and requirements.

2. Measuring

Illustration SIGVARIS GROUP LegReader Measuring

Convenient measuring point presets: You select the desired product model; this defines the points that need to be measured. If no SIGVARIS GROUP measuring device is set up, you perform the measurement manually. 

Quick size selection: After you have entered your measurement results in MySigvaris Mobile, the software analyzes which standard size product lines fit the measurements and/or whether custom sizing is required/possible for these measurements.

Easy customization: MySigvaris Mobile suggests the appropriate size for the selected standard product; a state of the art size guide assists you with detailed sizing and possible adjustments. 

To make manual measuring even easier, discover our SIGVARIS GROUP SmartTape. This innovative device guides you through the measurement process, shows you which measurement points are required and then sends the measurement results via Bluetooth to the the MySigvaris Mobile app.

3. Product selection & configuration

Illustration SIGVARIS GROUP LegReader product selection

Seamless operation: With the measurement results, you are lead to product selection and configuration. The system supports you with recommendations for size and length.

Full flexibility: You are able to modify and fine tune measurements and adjust size selection. If you wish so, MySigvaris supports your decision by providing additional information for all relevant parameters.

Integrated brand experience: You lead the patient conversation, have free control over product selection and full flexibility to address specific customer needs, all this within our SIGVARIS GROUP brand world.

Cross-selling: You can easily introduce and offer complementary products such as donning aids directly during the consultation.

Simple operation: The software is built to be operated easily and intuitively via your mobile device.

4. Online ordering

Illustration SIGVARIS GROUP LegReader Ordering

More efficiency in your ordering process: The shopping cart with your selected and configured products can be submitted to the business portal.

PDF sharing: Measuring results and orders can easily be shared from your mobile device.

Data archiving: All data are managed and stored in MySigvaris and are accessible at all times. GDPR conformity is guaranteed. 

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