Bettina (52) is an executive in a large company. Whereas she strives to be fashionable during the working day with the compression stocking from the Style segment, her choice outside the office is a stocking from the Essential segment.

"As an executive, I try to dress attractively and seriously in the business environment. But in my leisure time things merely have to be convenient, which is why I change to the Essential at home in the evening. I am elated that Sigvaris offers not only the elegant Style stockings but also something uncomplicated for leisure time. That way I can stay true to my favorite brand even in comfortable clothing."

The Essential compression stocking of Sigvaris is a real all-purpose talent and ideal for both female and male customers seeking an uncomplicated compression solution. Just like Bettina, who after a long day in her business outfit is glad to slip into something more comfortable, but still wants the appropriate support in every everyday situation.

"Just recently I fulfilled a long-held dream and finally started a Spanish course.

After a long day on my feet I am happy to have an evening hobby that I can do sitting down. But I still don't want to sacrifice the quality of Sigvaris, and so when the workday is over I change into stockings from the Essential line. The Essential stockings are easy to put on and take off, they are wonderfully comfortable and they still provide me with the support that I need. My legs feel light and so thinking in the new language also comes easily."


The medical stockings from the Essential segment offer the perfect compression for every occasion and every age. They fit every everyday situation and are optically matched to the various needs. "When it comes to my health and my well-being, I leave nothing to chance. I love the Essential stockings, because they are so uncomplicated. They fit me wonderfully and they suit my new hobby."

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