Ursina und Reto

Ursina (58) and her husband Reto (61) are both still working, but the children have left home. In their leisure time, the couple eagerly like to take city tours and discover new cultures.

"When we are on city tours, my husband and I like to keep things simple. Our working day is strictly planned and leaves no room for spontaneity. And this makes us all the more happy to be inspired by the moment in our leisure time. But a complicated compression solution does not fit into an uncomplicated daily routine, which is why we trust the Essential stockings on trips."

With the stockings from the Essential segment, Sigvaris offers a real all-purpose alternative for people who like to keep things uncomplicated. The Essential compression stockings from Sigvaris suit both women and men and they combine reliable medical support with convenience and comfort in a high-quality product.

"Simple handling is the most important thing for us on trips

and with the stockings from the Essential line we can never go wrong. We can put them on and take them off without complications at any time, even without aids."


Everyone has individual needs, and in that regard the solutions of Sigvaris are as diverse as life itself. For those who don't like to manage without help when putting them on and taking them off, Sigvaris offers corresponding aids for the different needs.

"Visiting museums, making round trips, exploring markets or simply sitting cozily in a cafe: My husband and I are happy just to go with the flow.That's pure relaxation for us. For this we need a compression stocking that fits perfectly in every situation, since we never know what the day will bring along. We can trust 100% in the Essential without having to worry. That's important to us."

Where compression solutions are concerned, Ursina and Retor are demanding – and rightfully so. Ultimately it comes down to their precious leisure time, not to mention their personal and medical needs. "Uncomplicated, comfortable and reliable: The stocking from the Essential segment is our ideal trip companion, and with it no stroll through the city is too long."

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