Susanne and Cecilia (both 58) have known one another since their schooldays. The two friends share a love for fashion and elegant clothes, and they are happy not only rummaging together in boutiques but also showing off their elegant outfits together.

"Our girl's nights out have been a beloved tradition for years. Once in summer and once in winter, Susanne and I dress up to the nines and have a terrific evening with all the frills. First, we have a delicious meal, then we go dancing and, if we are not too tired, we end up in a bar. We are both very fashion-conscious and love elegant clothes and high heels. I've been struggling for a couple of years with thick and heavy legs and have to wear compression stockings. But of course, I still don't want to give up my glamorous appearance. It's a good thing that the Style compression stockings exist. They can be combined wonderfully with my clothes and I can continue to live my love for fashion just as freely as before, which makes me happy."

Every woman is unique

The elegant stockings from the Style segment were developed specially for women who place high value on appearance and comfort. They are perfectly matched to the female needs and they combine medical effectiveness with a stunning appearance. The Style compression stockings of Sigvaris flatter any leg and look fabulous both with a business outfit and evening wear.


To the Style products

"The stockings from the Style segment are very esthetic and are pleasant to wear. The various colors go along super well with my clothing style. In them I feel incredibly attractive and often hear compliments about my fine figure. For the Style stockings, the name really says it all."

The Style compression stockings are the stylish companion for fashion-conscious women who place value on optimal support. With the sophisticated feminine details, they ensure a winning presence in any situation.

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