21 June, 2022

Get the right compression for the summer

Here at SIGVARIS Group, we have a range of compression garments perfect for the summer months. Here are recommended products, including what makes them perfect to wear with the warmer temperatures.

Essential Thermoregulating

Available in Below knee, Thigh and Tights

There's a reason why this product is called Essential Thermoregulating. This compression garment comes with 100% cotton against the skin, which helps keeps your leg comfortable. The garment also has moisture wicking properties that pulls moisture away from the skin, and regulates the temperature of your leg.

View our Essential Thermoregulation range 



Coolflex Standard - Calf

Available as Below knee

The clue is in the name, our inelastic compression wrap Coolflex Standard - Calf is made with a material that is highly breathable. This helps regulate air, keeping your leg cooler and more comfortable when you have the wrap on.

View our Coolflex Standard - Calf



Active Leisure

Available as Below knee in Female

Our newest cirular knit garment has been designed with anti-bacterial properties and has been constructed in such a way, that the back of the calf has a ventilated area. This gives the wearer increased comfort.

The Active Leisure range is also available in Male.

View our Active Leisure range



Essential Microfibre

Available in Below knee and Thigh

In our Male segement, we have Essential Microfibres. This product uses polyamide microfibres that are designed into the garment and sit against the skin for a soft feel. The material also gives excellent breathability and moisture management for that added comfort.

View our Essential Microfibre range

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