5 July, 2023

SIGVARIS GROUP Britain in Switzerland

The other week, some of our SIGVARIS GROUP Britain team had the pleasure of visiting SIGVARIS GROUP Headquarters in Switzerland.

SIGVARIS GROUP Britain in Switzerland

The trip allowed the team time to meet the European CEO, Jürgen Sigg to talk around what the future looks like for SIGVARIS GROUP and how this will translate into the UK’s market.

The 3 day visit also allowed our team to visit the factory where the RAL compression garments are produced. It gave the team a great first-hand experience, to see how much attention to detail goes into creating our compression garments and meeting many skilled workers who take so much pride in their work.

It was a very engaging trip that gave a fantastic insight into how much love and care is taken in every step of the patient's product journey and seeing some of the benefits that support our garments' high quality. The team look forward to sharing the knowledge gained with customers, and how Sigvaris are dedicated to helping people feel their best. Every day.

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