1 February, 2022

Health tips for the winter

Winter is a season where most of us just want to sit back and relax on the sofa. But for those suffering with Lymphoedema, Oedema etc, it's important to continue to be active and to keep that blood circulating in those affected limbs. Here are some simple tips that can support you in continuing to be active.

  • Wear compression garments – compression stockings are perfect to wear during cold weather and cooler temperatures. Not only can it make a difference to your legs, but they are also comfortable and help keep you warm during your winter walks.
  • Make sure to moisturise – Over the winter months, the excessive dry heat from having the heating on can affect your limbs. By keeping on top of moisturising your legs and arms, this should help to prevent dry skin and provide limb relief too.
  • Keep hydrated – we all drink plenty of teas and coffees over the winter months, but this can affect hydration. By swapping a couple out for herbal teas, your veins will get the hydration they need which will help the circulation of blood
  • Keep active – This may not be everybody’s type of weather to be out in, but it’s important to keep active over these winter months. Indoor activities such as yoga can help activate the lymph and support that blood flow, without putting too much strain on yourself.
  • Relieve your legs by putting them up – If you’re having a lazy Sunday, it’s important to keep your legs elevated where possible. Just popping a cushion or pillow underneath your legs while stretched out on the sofa can help to prevent the collection of blood in your legs.
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