18 March, 2022

World Lymphoedema Day 2022

With 6th March representing World Lymphoedema Day, SIGVARIS GROUP wanted to help support the message and increase the awareness of Lymphoedema. This is how we took part.

St Lukes Hospice

We were delighted to be invited by the Lymphoedema team at St Lukes Hospice in Cheshire to support by having ‘drop in’ sessions for anyone who would like to know more about what can be done for people with Lymphoedema.
Whilst supporting this day, the team spent the rest of the week visiting difference hospices and centres to help spread the word.

Social Media

To celebrate World Lymphoedema Day, we wanted to support the movement of building awareness of Lymphoedema. And how do we want to support the movement? Well, it's all through the power of move. So, we posted some suggestions on our social media channels of activities that keeps yourself active, and then post these ideas so that it could be shared with others.

We hope that by doing this, it will raise awareness for those who live with Lymphoedema every day.

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