Easy self-donning. Great cost-efficiency. High effect.

Easy self-donning. Great cost-efficiency. High effect.

Sigvaris wraps: Live your life. be yourself.

Meet our high-quality garments with innovative designs to accommodate various disease states and improve quality of life.

Feeling strong and vital and being able to make your own choices is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life. It can therefore be difficult to accept a diagnosis requiring compression wear, such as lymphedema, lipedema, venous ulcer or venous edema.

You might think that you will have to live with limitations. We don’t think that is true at all.

Reclaim your independence

Patients as well as medical professionals and specialist dealers are involved in the development of our products to ensure that their features meet the requirements encountered in practice.

Sigvaris wraps provide you with a premium experience, empowering you to keep living your life self-determined. And just be yourself.

Why choose Sigvaris wraps?

Our wraps are a significant part of a customer-centered ecosystem. Their benefits for patients as well as for therapists are multifold.

Sigvaris wraps benefits

Social | Adaptive size for all volumes: Empowerment and time efficiency

Clinical | More comfortable and hygienic, less obtrusive than bandages: Comfort  and tolerance

Financial | Less expensive than bandages: Cost efficiency

Sigvaris Compreflex

Compreflex woman on couch

The Compreflex line offers eight products for all body zones (foot, calf, knee, thigh, arm) and provides accurate, measured compression for self-managed care. An additional strap extender on products for the leg provides up to 10 cm of additional circumference.

The Compreflex wraps adapt to your movements and provide constant pressure without restricting your freedom of movement or your feeling of comfort. The entire Compreflex portfolio is fitted with Accutabs to let you have control over the pressure curve and allow you to regulate the wrap yourself.

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The three Coolflex products (foot, calf, arm) are lightweight garments designed with accurate, measured compression. Their unique Spacer Fabric transfers almost 60% more vapor away from the skin when compared to traditional compression materials. They keep the skin cool and dry to aid with comfort, their double layer design allows for airflow and hook comfort.

Coolflex features a patented closure system. The hook-and-eye fastener allows for quick and easy opening and closing. The one-sided fastening system also facilitates donning and doffing without requiring assistance from others.

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Sigvaris Coolflex

Learn more about benefits of wraps in the different indications

In lymphedema, Sigvaris wraps can reduce volume effectively and improve limb shape. They also help maintaining appropriate measured compression pressure, reducing pain & feeling of heaviness, increasing mobility, improving skin appearance. 

In venous leg edema and leg ulcer, we see improved venous return thanks to a high static stiffness index, effective reduction of edema and pain, rapid healing rate of the ulcer as well as improved integrity & density of the skin.

Last, but not least Sigvaris wraps support the tissue for persons with lipedema, increase mobility and can reduce discomfort and pain. 


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Lymphedema is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Treatment includes medical compression, among others.

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Big legs, protruding buttocks – often, lipedema is wrongly judged as being overweight or obese. But lipedema has nothing to do with being overweight. Lipedema is the result of a pathological build-up of fat cells in the extremities. 

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Venous edema

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If the volume of your legs is constantly increased, and pressure on the affected part leaves an indent, you have edema. The cause could be venous or lymphatic. A doctor can provide the correct diagnosis. 

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Venous leg ulcer

Man putting shoe on

Venous leg ulcers are unhealed sores or open wounds on the legs. They occur when venous disease is present. Venous leg ulcers usually develop on the inside, sometimes on the outside of the leg, just above the ankle.

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