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Compression stockings for an improved quality of life during pregnancy

Compression stockings for an improved quality of life during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a very special chapter in the life of a woman – that special glow the skin develops, the thicker hair or the first kicks inside the womb are some of the loveliest body changes. The legs, on the other hand, have to withstand quite a lot during pregnancy. This is partly due to pregnancy hormones and growth of the womb, which directly affect the expectant mother’s venous system.









Venous problems are preventable

Many pregnant women often experience symptoms such as heavy, tired, aching legs and swollen feet. In addition, the risk of venous disorders during pregnancy can be exacerbated by prolonged sitting or standing, hereditary venous disorders, pre-existing venous conditions or multiple pregnancies. Clinical studies have found a clear link between pregnancy and varicose veins (reference). According to a report published in Swiss Medical Weekly, 30% of women develop varicose veins during their first pregnancy, and 55% develop them during multiple pregnancies. These veins are aesthetically unpleasing, can develop into morbid conditions and also increase the likelihood of thrombosis.

Reducing the risk of thrombosis

A pregnancy increases the risk of thrombosis by a factor of three to four. One reason is the composition of the blood: to prevent uncontrollable blood loss during birth or in the event of a miscarriage, the blood becomes thicker to help protect the mother. (References: Pregnancy and thrombotic risk / risk factors). Hormone-related expansion in the veins and the increased blood volume also raise the likelihood of thrombosis. The risk of thrombosis is highest right after giving birth and during the weeks that follow (reference).

Reasons for increased thrombotic risk and venous disorders include the following:

  • Blood volume increases by around 40 to 50% during pregnancy (reference ).
  • The female sex hormone progesterone causes expansion of the venous walls.
  • The pressure inside the veins in the legs increases because the growing child is pressing against the pelvic vessels and thus restricting the flow of blood back to the heart.
  • The change in blood consistency increases the risk of blood clot formation.

Pay more attention to your legs

Compression therapy is often recommended to pregnant women in order to prevent symptoms such as heaviness and tension in the legs as well as swollen feet. Wearing compression stockings promotes blood circulation and alleviates discomfort in the legs. The stockings provide relief for the veins and reduce oedema and swelling while also reducing the risk of venous inflammation, thrombosis and varicose veins. Wearing supportive stockings is therefore advisable from the very beginning of the pregnancy.

Healthy and happy during pregnancy – and beyond

Expectant mothers are discovering the benefits and comfort of compression stockings worn during pregnancy. They also keep the legs healthy after pregnancy. The stockings help energise legs and give them a feeling of lightness and freedom throughout the day. Light, healthy legs let you fully enjoy spending precious time with your baby as well as frolicking around with them later.

Incidentally, compression stockings also help with morning sickness. One recent study showed that compression stockings can help relieve nausea and vomiting during the early stages of pregnancy. Read the study summary to find out more.









For a look that radiates health and style

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