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Leg Ulcer: SIGVARIS solutions

Leg Ulcer: SIGVARIS solutions

SIGVARIS medical graduated compression stockings play an important role in the healing and maintenance of wound care management. However, previously ulcerated skin is not stable and a wound can reoccur. Daily walks, a healthy diet and weight control are also key in patient caring for a venous leg ulcer.

The SIGVARIS UlcerX - designed with patients in mind

SIGVARIS UlcerX Kit is a dual stocking system. It consists of a low-compression underliner and a 30-40 mmHg overstocking. The underliner is made with a inner layer of cotton and a smooth exterior that allows easy donning of the overstocking. The underliner keeps the wound dressing in place at night, helping the patient to rest comfortably.  During daily activities, the overstocking provides the necessary compression needed to heal the venous ulcer. The 30-40 mmHg overstocking is recommended for removal at night, but the low-compression understocking should be worn during sleep or while recumbent.

Scientifically proven results

According to the study "The treatment of venous leg ulcers with a specially designed compression stocking kit" by F. Mariani et al. Phlebologie 2008; 37, 191-197, September 2008,  UlcerX Kit therapy solution is the proven superior treatment choice for the successful healing of venous ulcers:

  • Complete wound closure achievement: 96,2% with UlcerX kit as compared to 70% with traditional bandages.
  • Ulcers with diameter of up to approximately 4cm healed twice as fast with the UlcerX Kit compared to bandages; larger ulces (>4cm) healed as rapidly with the UlcerX Kit as with bandages.
  • Reported pain at night/morning was absent with the UlcerX Kit group, but reported respectively by 40% / 20%  in the bandage group