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MAGIC COLORS 2019 / 2020


Color your life

with the new MAGIC COLORS

MAGIC COLORS open up worlds of magical colors, proving that women can make fashion statements even with medical compression stockings. The new trendy colors of MAGIC COLORS will give your wardrobe a personal touch and let you add style to your life as a fashion-conscious woman of any age. All of the advantages of a compression stocking in four happy, translucent colors.

Four colors - endless possibilities

Four colors - endless possibilities

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Smoky blue

Blue is compatible with any fashion trend, lending dignified and stylish radiance.

Combine smoky blue with color contrasts and complementary colors such as yellow or brown shades to underscore your beauty. Or go with tone-in-tone combinations for sporty elegance.

Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue


A discreet, timeless shade that goes with many colors and looks good on all types of women. The serene accent it gives to muted colors announces poise and confidence.

A universal color that will complement any outfit, the natural shade of soft cream goes just as well with a denim look as with warm earthy colors.

Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue


This bold color shade gives wings to fantasy and is just the right fashionable highlight for a woman of strong character.

Use pure violet for bright, nuanced styling to create a hip, cool look. Or combine it with adjacent colors such as pink or lavender to give your outfit a seductive touch.

Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue


Embrace your femininity and show your colors! The lively shade of sweet rose always stands out, signaling self-awareness and an instinct for trends.

If you desire a classical and confident style instead, sweet rose will readily harmonize with reserved shades like taupe as well. Or instantly transform a dark outfit into a magical attention-getter.

Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue Smoky blue

The MAGIC COLORS Collection

The MAGIC COLORS Collection


MAGIC compression stockings are not only very appealing with their trendy MAGIC COLORS - the fine, semitransparent look is also unique. The perfect fit and the high-quality workmanship ensure an all-round high wearing comfort.

The stockings are available as calf, thigh and pantyhose. Special pantyhose maternity are also available for pregnant women.

Choose from one of the four MAGIC COLORS:
pure violet, soft cream, sweet rose, smoky blue

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Medical compression

Medical compression

Many women are familiar with the unpleasant symptoms after a long hard day: heavy, tired legs, cramps and throbbing in the calves, up to swollen feet and legs. These obvious signs of poor circulation have a name: venous insufficiency.

However, all these unpleasant symptoms can be avoided. A simple, efficient treatment can help: wear compression stockings.

More information

The effect of compression stockings is quite simple

The targeted compression pressure on the tissues and vessels improves venous valve function and accelerates the return of blood in the veins. This means: your legs will feel lighter and your feet are less swollen.

The advantages

Beginning with the first application you should feel a positive effect: your pain and the feeling of heavy legs will diminish. Wearing compression stockings also has a positive effect on varicose veins, phlebitis and venous thrombosis.

Do something good for yourself and your legs. The MAGIC stockings from SIGVARIS are the ideal companion for your legs.