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Compreflex® Standard Arm

Compreflex® Standard Arm

Inelastic Wrap for the arm

Lymphedema, venous disease and wound care are just a few  
of the indications that SIGVARIS GROUP compression garments can help manage.
Clinicians, dealers and patients have all contributed to the design and features of every SIGVARIS GROUP product.
The result is a range of products to address many types of edema, but with a single purpose:  
To achieve an improved quality of life.


  • Provides mild/moderate compression
  • Features inner sleeve for simple, one-handed application
  • Unique elbow design for 90 degree range of motion
  • Soft, comforming Breath-O-Prene® provides a comfortable fit and wicks away moisture
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Easy care – machine wash and dry
  • Latex-free

Compression level

≤40 mmHg 

provides moderate, easy-to-adjust compression


  • Lymphedema
  • Edema
  • Lipedema


  1. Wrap
  2. Pair of non- compressive cotton liners
    (colour: natural)
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≤40 mmHg
Available for 
Available colours