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Swiss Precision Compression Sleeves and Socks
  • SIGVARIS sleeve pink

Global novelty: The first and only sleeve with a degressive pressure profile for all-round usage in water and on land. The saltwater and chlorinated water resistant sleeve will entice you with its extremely thin material and high wearing comfort.
Thanks to their diverse comfort elements, such as a blister-proof design, the compression socks (ankle socks) ensure perfect performance and when used frequently can be changed often and washed separately.

Additive compression compound system:
The optimal degressive pressure profile is achieved in combination with the SIGVARIS Compression Sleeve and ankle socks and forms a perfect compression system. The continuous pressure profile leads to improved muscle performance, increased endurance and lower muscle vibration during sporting activities. The sleeve set is extremely well suited for triathletes. The sleeve can be worn directly under the Neoprene and be supplemented quickly and easily with the ankle socks for an optimally continuous degressive pressure profile.

  • The lowest time expenditure for maximum compression benefits


  • improved muscle performance
  • increased endurance
  • less muscle vibration

Made for... Triathlon,  Running, Trailrunning, Swimming


  • In combination: controlled degressive pressure profile (3 measuring points)
  • adaptive thermal regulation
  • effective odour control (anti-bacterial)
  • active moisture transfer
  • light, ultra-thin, hydrophobic sleeve which is resistant to salt water and chlorinated water
  • Blister-proof design
  • Achilles tendon protector

The sleeves and socks contain Aquarius yarn, a specially modified yarn which transports body moisture away from the skin and thus gives the wearer a comfortable and dry feeling. By reason of the special micro-channels, Aquarius can deflect the moisture away from the body by means of capillary like structures which are formed by a filament bundle.
Bamboo charcoal particles worked directly into the fibres adhere permanently to the yarn and ensure the functional properties even after 50 washings.

Material composition:
Sleeve: 77% polyamide, 13% polyester, 10% elastane
Ankle Socks: 64% polyamide, 17% polyester, 19% elastane

Available for 
Men, Women
Available colours 


Please follow our care instructions to ensure best results.


Unisex socks

closed toe

Unisex Calf Sleeves



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