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Varicose Veins: SIGVARIS solutions

Varicose Veins: SIGVARIS solutions

For more than five decades SIGVARIS® has been committed to developing and distributing premium quality products which provide a new life for the legs of people suffering from the various forms of chronic venous disease.

The needs of people with venous disorders are very different and their requirements change over time and with varying life styles or conditions. SIGVARIS designs a range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to those different needs. Whether the patient is looking for a stylish sock for managing chronic venous insufficiency or is seeking an effective solution for preventing swelling due to lymphedema, the patient can always rely on the SIGVARIS promise of superior fit, excellent wearing comfort and proven efficacy.

SIGVARIS compression therapy solutions are classified in different models : socks, stockings, pantyhose, (with closed or open toe), armsleeves, mitten ; made of different textures: micro or natural fibers for best comfort, and available in different styles and colours to match your life style and fashion trends. SIGVARIS products are sold in pharmacies, orthopedic stores, some hospitals, and other specialized stores or dealers. Most SIGVARIS medical compression products are delivered with a doctor's prescription only.

Depending on the country or area of the world, the SIGVARIS range of products is different to reflect the specificities of each market. To find out about the SIGVARIS product offerings and customer service in your country, please contact the official SIGVARIS distributor in your country or visit the SIGVARIS website of your country.