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08. January 2019
United Kingdom
Small Change..Big News!
31. October 2018
United Kingdom
The SIMON donning aid can be used to don and doff compression stockings quickly, effortlessly and with very little exertion and is available on prescription
18. October 2018
United Kingdom
CompreFlex and CompreFit wrap garments offer a highly adjustable compression system that allows wearers to go about their normal way of life
14. September 2018
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS Britain are proud to offer CPD accredited education
Love Advance
14. February 2018
United Kingdom
Advance Arm sleeves ...Designed by Patients, Loved by Patients
28. July 2017
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS Britain are proud to be part of the CPD Certified
15. June 2017
United Kingdom
By using SIGVARIS prescription request forms, we hope that the process for all parties involved with obtaining prescription products will be a little easier
17. May 2017
United Kingdom
A dynamic but simple to use guided process that makes clinicians lives easier when measuring for flat knit made to measure hosiery
Lipoedema UK
13. April 2017
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS are proud to support the Best Practice Guidelines for the Management of Lipoedema
01. February 2017
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS has recently upgraded the white, cotton liners to a SIGVARIS made premium liner.