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17. May 2017
United Kingdom
A dynamic but simple to use guided process that makes clinicians lives easier when measuring for flat knit made to measure hosiery
Lipoedema UK
13. April 2017
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS are proud to support the Best Practice Guidelines for the Management of Lipoedema
01. February 2017
United Kingdom
SIGVARIS has recently upgraded the white, cotton liners to a SIGVARIS made premium liner.
12. October 2016
United Kingdom
OPTIFORM FLEX & HOLD have been produced and developed in collaboration with medical specialists and patients to provide a large range of comfortable and reliable flat knit garments
06. October 2016
United Kingdom
After 10 years of increased product ranges and growth. SIGVARIS Britain has moved premises and held an official opening
30. September 2016
The new SIGVARIS Sizing App lets you find the suitable compression stockings of the SIGVARIS MEDICAL, WELL BEING and SPORTS product lines worldwide quickly.
01. July 2016
United Kingdom
DIAPHANE and INITIAL compression hosiery are now available in very light compression on prescription
05. April 2016
United Kingdom
A unique device to help put on and take off compression hosiery
04. April 2016
United Kingdom
The new Advance arm sleeve with a innovative seamless handpiece
Kompressionsstrümpfe SIGVARIS
31. March 2016
United Kingdom
The new SIGVARIS Sizing- App is a size calculator that allows you to find perfectly fitting SIGVARIS compression garments