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Running Socks

Running Socks

The best thing that can happen to your running!
  • sports compression

Compression socks for running

  • A combination of first class functional fibres ensuring controlled compression
  • Increased performance and protection in one compression sock
  • Outstanding wearer comfort through functional moisture regulation
  • Optimum skin temperature control and effective odour reduction while exercising
Application (Indication) 
Varicose Veins, Travel, Tired Legs
Compression Level iClass 1 - RAL: (18-21mmHg), Class 2 - RAL: (23-32 mmHg), Class 3 - RAL: 33-46mmHg, Class 4 - RAL: >49mmHg 
20-25 mmHg
Available for 
Men, Unisex, Women
Available colours 
Light grey


Please follow our care instructions to ensure best results.


Unisex calf

With closed toe


Perspiration Channel

Wicks away moisture from the skin.

Aerated Micro Zone

Keeps the foot dry and wicks away moisture. 

Flat Sewing

Low friction toe seams prevents rubbing and blisters.

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Varicose Veins, Travel, Tired Legs
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