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The everyday aid for compression stockings

The SIMON donning aid can be used to don and doff compression stockings quickly, effortlessly and with very little exertion and is available on prescription

It can even be used if someone has limited mobility

What are the benefits of the SIMON donning aid?

  • Less effort to put on and take off compression stockings
  • More comfortable and less physical strain on the user
  • Greater independence
  • Quicker donning and offing of stockings
  • Can be taken apart and can go with the user on their travels

Choosing the right size is essential to make sure the SIMON donning and doffing aid works properly. Measure the calf circumference at the widest part of the calf to determine the required size

SIMON is available in 4 sizes

Size Calf Circumference Product Code
X small 25-29cm 87292
Small 30-38cm 87293
Medium 38-46cm 87294
Large 46-54cm 87295




Application (Indication) 
Varicose Veins, Tired Legs, Leg Ulcer, Lymphoedema
Available for 

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