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Clinically proven to heal wounds faster than bandages!

A low pressure under liner (also available seperately in a pack of 4) that gives 15- 20mmHg and an over stocking (Traditional 503) which gives 23-32 mmHg. It was also found to give the highest interface pressure and to be the easiest to get on and off. The liner has a cotton blend against the skin.

Ulcer X kit

  • Offers quicker healing rates compared to conventional bandaging
  • Offers the wearer flexibility in product choice
  • Helps the wearer to get back to their way of life
  • The kit comprises of 1 calf length stocking and 2 liners

Stocking liner

  • Offers flexibility by allowing compression hosiery to be applied easily over the liner
  • Provide light compression (15-20 mmHg)
  • Very easy to apply
  • Cotton blend against the skin
  • The liners can be purchased seperately

Please call customer services on 01264 326 666 to enquire about products available on prescription, as not all products may be available.

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Application (Indication) 
Leg Ulcer, Lymphoedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Compression Level iClass 1 - RAL: (18-21mmHg), Class 2 - RAL: (23-32 mmHg), Class 3 - RAL: 33-46mmHg, Class 4 - RAL: >49mmHg 
Class 3 - RAL: 33-46mmHg
Available for 
Men, Unisex, Women
Available colours 


Please follow our care instructions to ensure best results.


Unisex calf

With open toe


FP 10

Available on prescription.


Specific Inlay

To offer the compression level required.