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Rolly - Easy application of compression garments

Rolly - Easy application of compression garments

The Rolly is a revolutionary tool for putting on and taking off medical compression hosiery; effortlessly and with comfort

This stocking aid consists of a flexible elastic membrane that is filled with soapy water. 

Putting on and removing of compression hosiery: This new device helps with the applying and removal of compression hosiery; without effort and with comfort. It can be used by oneself or by a third party.



The benefits of using the Rolly
  • Readjusting of stockings and socks: The striated surface holds onto the cloth and the material can be moved up or down without damaging the compression garment. It is Ideal for removing small wrinkles, and adjusting the heel area if required.
  • Convenient, compact, conformable and easy to use. 
  • Easy to maintain: You can wash the Rolly with soap and water or a cleansing wipe.
  • Innovative Design: A simple concept that helps people who wear medical compression get on with their lives.