Alternative invasive treatments for venous disorders


SIGVARIS 集团本着提高人们对于静脉疾病的认识的宗旨,制作了一系列医学视频。欢迎观看我们的视频专辑获取更多信息。我们的视频收集网页以及我们的视频都是以英语发布的,但是你可以享受一些带字幕的视频。

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“Ask the expert” videos
Scientific findings and practical experience presented by experts: Here you will find our expanding collection of short “Ask the expert” videos.
Medical Online Hub
The MOH is our commitment to supporting and collaborating with the global and regional medical communities offering the go-to platform for online events in the field of veino-lymphatic disorders.​ Therefore, we bring in a top-level network of KOLs and relevant, state-of-the-art topics. ​Find here the recordings of our global MOH sessions.
Our medical videos
Check out our medical videos for information on venous and lymphatic topics. The entire collection can also be found on our SIGVARIS GROUP YouTube channel on