Innovation by SIGVARIS GROUP

At SIGVARIS GROUP, we are committed to challenging and changing the status quo. We shape, design and develop medical solutions, so that we can continue to play an integral part in enhancing peoples’ lives. Together, we help people feel their best. Every day.

The pillars we are founded on

We build on insights.

The change we strive for is founded on insights. We dig deep to understand growing customer needs, discern emerging business models and identify upcoming technologies.

We work towards integration.

Creativity in isolation is only the start. We aim to build sustainable partnerships that merge existing expertise with new customer demands and integrate novelties into ongoing processes.

We strive for impact.

Change through innovation is a catalyst for lasting impact. Together, we attempt to create meaning and real value for our customers who prescribe, fit, sell, wear and take home SIGVARIS GROUP solutions.

Selected innovations

Coolflex applied on leg

Breathable compression wraps

Customer insights have shown that compression wraps can cause thermal discomfort and are often difficult to put on with limited mobility or strength. With Coolflex, we have rethought and redesigned the compression wrap. The wrap now consists of a non-compressive undergarment and a breathable cover wrap and has been adapted for our patients with various medical needs.

Comfortable face masks

Present worldwide circumstances have incited us to accommodate the production of reusable face masks. Our CoverOne masks rigidly adhere to healthcare guidelines. Additionally, they are unique in regard to the unpleasant ache often caused by unergonomic earloops of prevailing masks, which is counteracted by CoverOne with microfiber yarns that fit comfortably on the ears. The face mask is constructed of two layers and features a pocket for an optional disposable filter, creating a safe, comfortable and breathable daily experience.

Woman wearing CoverOne mask

person measuring other person

Accurate leg measurement

When wearing compression garments, it is essential the product fit seamlessly, to avoid side effects or additional discomfort in the legs. With the LegReader, we ensure the measurement of each individual pair of legs is accurate and hassle-free. With the help of deep infrared sensors, the LegReader creates a 3D model within a few seconds, making sure the leg assessment is precise and each of our customers finds the perfect fit.

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