Therapy options for venous disorders

Medical compression therapy consists in applying textile compression garments on limbs to exert a controlled pressure, thereby squeezing the vein walls together and improving blood circulation. Venous disorders can have different manifestations and severities. Beside the non-invasive medical compression therapy, other, mainly invasive procedures for the treatment of venous disorders exits.

What is compression therapy
Medical compression therapy
Medical compression therapy applies a type of elastic device on limbs or other body parts to exert a controlled pressure on them. Thereby, the device squeezes the vein walls together and improves the circulatory rate. Medical compression also helps with reduction of edema and recreates conditions beneficial for the healing of chronic inflammatory disorders.
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Compression levels: which one to use when
Compression levels and indications
The basic rule is that the higher the compression level or compression strength, the tighter the compression stocking. The pressure is stated in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). This is the same scale used to measure blood pressure.
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