Urs (52) is a forest ranger in a small community in the Mittelbünden region. His job requires him to spend much time walking, often roaming through difficult terrain.

«In my job, I'm practically always on my feet and in all kinds of weather. As a forest ranger, I am usually off the beaten track and sometimes have to struggle through the undergrowth. That is where I need a compression stocking which is both comfortable and well padded, but is also firm and durable and takes me through thick and thin. When I'm in the forest, I always wear stockings from the Active segment. They are my reliable companions and give my legs the medical compression they need.»

If one is always on the move, the legs and feet are exposed to particular stresses. The medical compression stockings from the Active segment are developed specifically for the needs of people who move a lot and are active. They offer extremely strong support and are perfectly adapted to the needs of male legs from an anatomical point of view.

"A stocking that impairs my movement is of no use to me in my job.

The compression stockings from the Active segment have just the right degree of elasticity. They are stable and always fit perfectly. At the same time, they feel soft on the skin and are comfortable to wear."

The extremely functional compression stockings from the Active segment provide optimum support for the legs and offer pleasant wearing comfort at all times. They are the perfect combination of a reliable medical effect and exceptional performance.

«I don't accept any compromises when it comes to a compression stocking; after all, the health of my legs and feet is important to me. I can always rely on the Active stockings, no matter what surprises the forest has in store for me.»

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What is compression therapy?

What is compression therapy?

Medical compression therapy applies a type of elastic device on limbs or other body parts to exert a controlled pressure on them. Thereby, the device squeezes the vein walls together and improves the circulatory rate. Medical compression also helps with reduction of edema and recreates conditions beneficial for the healing of chronic inflammatory disorders.
Full of energy at work, at home and at leisure

Full of energy at work, at home and at leisure

If your profession requires you to sit or stand all day, your legs deserve special attention. Compression wear is a very good way of supporting your legs while working as well as improving the overall quality of your life.
These factors influence leg health

These factors influence leg health

Many factors can unfavorably influence leg health. These can include lifestyle factors, such as reduced activity, obesity, and/or smoking. Other factors such as advanced age, gender, hormonal changes, and a family history of venous disorders are also influential.
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