Stefan (62) is a professional musician and music teacher. He plays the clarinet in the Graubünden Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches clarinet and saxophone at the Chur School of Music. His schedule is irregular and his days are often long, much of them spent sitting.

"The practice sessions with the Chamber Orchestra go on and on, often for the entire day, especially at the beginning of a new program. Then I have to be seated for a very long time and need to be as comfortable as possible. During the school year, I also teach at the Chur School of Music. Depending on whether I'm teaching beginners or advanced students, I stand close to them or sit on the stage and accompany them. In choosing clothes, reliability is the top priority for me. I have to be able to move freely and without restriction, a compression stocking should not constrict me and I must be able to rely on it in every situation. I like wearing stockings from the Essential segment most of all. They are real all-purpose stockings, which are good for anything. I travel the short distances between home, the theater and the School of Music on my bicycle. Even under those conditions the Essential stockings give me the proper support."

The stockings from the Essential segment are the everyday companion for every occasion and every connective tissue.

The multi-talented alternatives combine simple unisex design with comfortable medical compression. They are appealing due to their "Made in Switzerland" quality, and they meet the highest demands on comfort.

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"The Essential stockings are uncomplicated, in them I can be seen at any time and anywhere and – which is very important to me – I can rely on them at all times and anywhere. Even in handling they are uncomplicated, I can put them on and take them off without aids, which I greatly apppreciate."

The compression stockings of Sigvaris offer superior support for every occasion and every age, perfectly matched to the individual needs of both female and male customers. The comfortable and lightweight stockings from the Essential segment are the reliable companion for the everyday life of everyone who enjoys life to the full.

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