Lumbosacral corset „26/3”

ModelLumbosacral corset
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  • Lumbosacral corset „26/3” is a reusable medical product intended to support the treatment process
  • and rehabilitation as indicated.
  • – lumbosacral pain syndromes
  • – sciatica
  • – coccyx pain
  • – lumbosacral discopathy
  • – degenerative changes of the lumbar spine – spondyloarthrosis
  • – during the rehabilitation period for prophylactic treatment
  • – spinous and transverse processes fractures after traumas
  • – stabilization of the the lumbosacral section after surgery
  • – relief of the paravertebral muscles while performing physical work in incorrect and forced
  • positions for prophylactic treatment
  • Elastane: 20%
  • Polypropylene: 18%