HIGHLIGHT for women

HIGHLIGHT by SIGVARIS is ideal for women who are on their feet a lot, drive a car regularly or mainly perform sedentary activities. For women who wish to look stylish and trendy and do something good for their legs. The noticeable and controlled compression effect supports the return of blood to the heart and so helps to prevent tired and heavy legs. The fine knit pattern also gives the stocking an elegant look. The extra soft and comfortable soft top provides the right support.

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  • Intended purpose
  • Support stocking to support venous return.
  • The product is intended for multiple use and
  • for application on the legs (lower leg, thigh,
  • entire leg).
  • The effects of medical support stockings
  • The noticeable and controlled compression
  • effect supports the return of blood to the
  • heart, which helps to prevent tired and heavy legs.
  • Follow the instructions for care on the
  • packaging and/or the textile labels.
  • Wash inside a mesh laundry bag. The
  • stocking must be stored at room
  • temperature and in a dry place away
  • from light. Keep away from direct heat.
  • Prevention of tired and heavy legs during long periods of sitting or standing, even without the presence of varicose veins,
  • prevention of latent swelling,
  • subsequent treatment and prevention following successful varicose vein treatment.
  • Medical support stockings must not be worn in the following cases:
  • Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease (if one of the following parameters applies: ABPI < 0.5, ankle blood pressure< 60 mmHg, toe blood pressure < 30 mmHg or TcPO2 < 20 mmHg instep).
  • Decompensated heart failure (NYHA III + IV)
  • Septic thrombophlebitis
  • Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
  • Relative contraindications, whereby benefits and risks must be weighed up, in particular:
  • Pronounced exuding dermatoses
  • Intolerance to compression material
  • Severe sensory disturbances of the extremity
  • Advanced peripheral neuropathy (e.g. in diabetes mellitus)
  • Primary chronic polyarthritis
  • Polyamide: 73%
  • Elastane: 27%

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