Proactivity in lipedema disorders

Proactivity in lipedema disorders

Nutrition in lipedema

Lipedema cannot be fought with weight reduction courses and simple diets. However, weight reduction combined with gentle forms of sport and compression therapy provide positive results. Dietary adjustments guided by a nutritional specialist are increasingly recommended for this.

This concerns a low-carbohydrate, protein- and fat-rich nutrition to protect the muscle mass. Es wird zwar angenommen, dass diese Ernährungstherapie nur das zusätzliche, nicht durch das Lipödem bedingte Fett reduziert, dennoch ist bei vielen Patientinnen und Patienten eine subjektive Verbesserung der Symptomatik (z. B. Reduktion des Spannungsgefühls) bemerkbar.

However, the success of such dietary changes depends on the continual cooperation of the patient. In any event, the affected persons should avoid weight gain.

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Important: always perform sports with compression

Sport supports the therapy. A fitted medical compression aid, potentially of several components (e.g. Capri trousers, bike shorts, leggings, stockings) may stabilise the leg shape and ease movement. At the same time, they help to decongest the tissues and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Suitable types of sport in lipedema may be, e.g.

  • Nordic Walking
  • Walken
  • Spazieren oder Wandern
  • Fahrradfahren
  • Aerobic
  • Schwimmen, Aquacyling oder Aquajogging

In the end, any type of movement counts.

Further tips

Personal responsibility

Take an active role in the treatment and take responsibility for yourself and your health. Joining with other affected persons in self-help groups or societies can make dealing with the disease easier.

Psychological support

Living with lipedema can bring a considerable mental burden with it. Affected persons can become the target of dismissive remarks: eat less, exercise more... Statements like these can further reduce feelings of self worth and the stress can lead to depression and eating disorders. Psychotherapy may be recommended to rebuild coping mechanisms.

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