Our management

The SIGVARIS GROUP organization is managed by the people responsible for our production sites in Switzerland, France, Poland, US, and Brazil, as well as the heads of the Global Function teams. They build the SIGVARIS Executive Committee (SEC) and the Global Management Team (GMT).

SIGVARIS Executive Committee (SEC)


Suk-Woo Ha

Group CEO and CSO Europe & APAC a.i.

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2021.

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Daniel Straub, Group CFO SIGVARIS GROUP

Daniel Straub

Group CFO

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2014.

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Celso Cintra, SIGVARIS GROUP, CEO South America

Celso Cintra

CEO South America

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2003.

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Barbara Osborne, SIGVARIS GROUP, CEO North America

Barbara Osborne

CEO North America

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2019.

Juergen Sigg, SIGVARIS GROUP, CEO Europe, Central North East Asia, Australia

Jürgen Sigg


With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2019.

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Sandrine Maillard, SIGVARIS GROUP, Directrice Générale France

Sandrine Maillard

Directrice Générale France

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2018.

Global Management Team (GMT)

Magdalena Kwiatkowska, CEO SIGVARIS GROUP Poland

Magdalena Kwiatkowska

CEO Poland

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2019

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Jürgen Herburger, General Manager SIGVARIS GROUP DACH

Jürgen Herburger

General Manager St. Gallen

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2019

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Tanja Curiger, Head of Global HR SIGVARIS GROUP

Tanja Curiger

Head of Global HR

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2023

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Gerda Kaufmann, Head of Global Business Development SIGVARIS GROUP

Gerda Kaufmann

Head of Global Business Development

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2012

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Gerald Zindler, Global Head of IT SIGVARIS GROUP

Gerald Zindler

Head of Global of IT

With SIGVARIS GROUP since 2010

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Further reading

Our heritage

Our heritage

As a provider of high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy, we are proud to look back at a successful track record of 160 years. For today and tomorrow, we commit ourselves, through continuous development and innovation, to solutions that help people feel their best. Every day.


At SIGVARIS GROUP we are dedicated to helping people feel their best. Every day. With our high quality and innovative offers we aim to improve health and well being.
Working with us

Working with us

At SIGVARIS GROUP, we are committed to providing an exceptional working environment for our most valuable assets, our employees. As part of this commitment, we survey the employee view of the working environment and culture on a regular basis and we ensure that we have measures in place to strive for improvements.
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