4 May, 2022

Cost comparison for inelastic wraps

Here at SIGVARIS GROUP, we've just released our latest literature piece around cost comparison, that shares our finding for cost of inelastic wraps against compression bandaging.

With the benefit of being able to self manage and set the compression yourself, our inelastic compression wraps have become one of our most popular compression products.

The literature, shares our findings from months of looking into costs when comparing compression bandaging against inelastic compression wraps. The research considers the cost of products (both compression bandaging and inelastic wraps), nurse visits and many other variables over an 18 week period. Most importantly, it shares how much money can be saved per patient over an 18 week period.

This literature is available to order. You can do this via the sales person for your area, or head to our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

Front cover


Inside spread of our inelastic wrap range and benefits of each product



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