How to get compression products

What to do when you start having first signs of a venous disease or after you have been diagnosed? Just follow our three steps to get a compression product that best fits your needs. Most of our medical products require either a medical prescription or a professional fitting via a Health Care Professional. It is recommended that you see a Health Care Professional who will give you a prescription for the proper compression socks or stocking for you.

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1. Getting a prescription

  • Contact your GP or health care professional (HCP), if you are experiencing pain, swelling, varicose or spider veins, or any other leg symptoms as these may be signs of a venous disorder. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist for venous diseases, a phlebologist, who will do a detailed examination of your situation.
  • A diagnosis is usually painless and risk-free and uses methods such as visual and physical examination, or an ultrasound.
  • Receive a prescription that outlines specific therapy measures. The therapy needed will vary depending on the degree of severity of your individual needs and will most likely include a prescription for compression products.

2. Get a fitting done

  • Once diagnosed, the doctor or HCP will come and get you for you to be measured for getting one of our appropriate garments available on prescription.
  • The garment choice will be determined based upon size parameters, the compression you need and the medical proximities the garment can give to support your disorder.

3. What happens next with the prescription?

After the product is agreed, the prescription can go through one of two routes

  1. The HCP gives the prescription referral to you to take to the GP or it is sent directly to the GP. This will generate a prescription, that you will then need to take to the pharmacy to be able to order the required products.
  2. The HCP gives the prescription referral to you to take to the pharmacist or it is sent directly to the pharmacy who will contact Sigvaris to order your garments. You will then need to take the referral form to the pharmacy (if needed) to be able to order the required products.

You can alternatively buy compression stockings without a prescription (although a prescription is highly recommended).

Low compression stockings are often worn for well-being purposes. So, even if you do not have a predisposition or any complaints, compression socks and stockings can be worn if you feel comfortable in them. They improve circulation, alleviate symptoms such as heavy legs, and can improve the overall quality of your life.

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