April 8, 2024

Focusing on people for 160 years

SIGVARIS GROUP officially launches its anniversary year with a promise: "We will continue to do everything we can to help people feel their best", says Group CEO Suk-Woo Ha. "This is what we want for our customers, our partners, and our dedicated teams." The Swiss family-owned company is ready for the future and plans to to continue providing innovative offers.

The year 1961 was key. Nearly 100 years after the founding of the company, the Ganzoni family decided to focus their business on medical compression. In collaboration with the German phlebologist Dr. Karl Sigg, the first compression stocking for use in venous disorders was developed. This is how the product got its name; SIG from Dr. Sigg and VARIS from VARices, the scientific term for varicose veins.

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Previously, the company had focused on selling sewing accessories in a store in Winterthur, Zurich, before starting to manufacture elastic textiles in a newly opened factory shortly afterwards. Times were not always easy before the focus on medical compression, with the global economic crisis and two world wars making business difficult. The company had to reinvent itself more than once.

Focus on people

SIGVARIS GROUP realized early on that its employees were one of the most crucial factors for success. In Switzerland, the company took responsibility from the very beginning, founding a company health insurance fund at the end of the 19th century, supporting retirees from the 1920s onwards, and helping in emergencies. This attitude is still valid for today's globally present SIGVARIS GROUP. Our aim is to offer attractive and sustainable working conditions and a strong, trust-based culture, to listen to our employees, to take care of them, and to support them in being the best they can be. The focus is on people. On employees, customers, and partners in the healthcare sector, and all those who wear the high-quality medical compression garments daily, and whose quality of life can be improved.


With production plants in Europe, North and South America , direct sales in selected countries around the globe, and sales partners in more than 70 countries, SIGVARIS GROUP is close to its customers. The company combines its Swiss heritage with global presence.

Innovation and education

SIGVARIS GROUP's global offering is based on various product brands, including Sigvaris, Dynaven, Pani Teresa Medica, and Mobilis, which are geared towards different needs and indications. Patients with venous disorders, lymphedema, and lipedema are supported in living their lives as fully as possible. As SIGVARIS GROUP is committed to developing relevant medical solutions, the company continues to focus on developing customer-oriented and innovative offerings in close cooperation with leading experts in the field of venous diseases, lymphedema and lipedema.

With the service brand offerings "by SIGVARIS GROUP", the company is also positioning itself in education and expert exchange. The Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP in Australia not only treats lymphedema patients on site, but also trains specialists in lymphatic and lipedema therapy. The first-hand experience in therapy is in turn incorporated into the development of relevant new products. And SIGVARIS GROUP’s non-commercial online platform MOH – Medical Online Hub by SIGVARIS GROUP ensures the exchange between medical experts as well as the latest knowledge on veno-lymphatic topics in various formats.

In this way, SIGVARIS GROUP's partners in the healthcare sector, such as doctors, pharmacies, specialist retailers and other providers of compression therapy solutions, can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of those affected.

Thus, SIGVARIS GROUP emphasizes that the health, self-determination, and well-being of both the company and the people are at the center of everything they do. Every day. Worldwide.

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